Quality Ingredients


We have always believed in using the best ingredients we can find.

Our mozzarella is a fior de latte cheese from Italy. It is creamy & delicious & melts just nicely at the high temperatures in our stone baked oven.

We have been using Caputo “00” flour since opening way back in 1994,  It’s what they use in Italy! Our dough is made every single day here in Fifty4 using “00” flour, water, fresh yeast, salt & olive oil. It is a labour of love. We make on the day for use the next day, leaving sufficient time (24hours minimum) for the dough to relax. We ball up in 3 sizes, weighing out each dough ball individually.


Artisan Pizza Kit

Calling all budding pizza chefs!

All you need to create your pizza masterpiece

 Each kit contains enough ingredients to make 2 pizzas  


2 fresh Dough balls  

(contains 00 Caputo flour, water, fresh yeast, salt)

Fior de latte Mozzarella Cheese

Extra virgin olive oil

Fresh basil

Fresh tomato sauce

Allergens: Milk, Gluten

piza kit

Artisan ingredients